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Subject: BOOK: The Communist Manifesto
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Apologies for the shameless self-promotion. --PG

New from Haymarket Books

A Road Map to History's Most Important Political Document
by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels
edited by Phil Gasper

Here, at last, is an authoritative introduction to history's most
important political document, with the full text of The Communist
Manifesto by Marx and Engels. This beautifully organized and presented
edition of The Communist Manifesto is fully annotated, with clear
historical references and explication, additional related texts, and a
glossary that brings the text to life for students, as well as the general

Since it was first written in 1848, the Manifesto has been translated into
more languages than any other modern text. It has been banned, censored,
burned, and declared "dead." But year after year, the text only grows more
influential, remaining required reading in courses on philosophy,
politics, sociology, economics, and history. The New Yorker recently
described Karl Marx as "The Next Thinker" for our era. This book shows
readers why.

"Phil Gasper's new edition of The Communist Manifesto comes at a critical
moment in world history, when a global capitalism which Marx described
with amazing accuracy a hundred and fifty years ago shows all the signs of
disarray that he predicted. What Gasper does is to remind us how relevant
the Manifesto is to our world today. His Introduction and Afterword are
useful guides to the Manifesto and to its importance in our time. His
notes give us fascinating tidbits of information which a thoughtful reader
of the Manifesto will find extremely valuable. Gasper brings alive one of
the great classics of modern political thought, an indispensable addition
to anyone's library."
-Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

"The more those in power reject and ignore Marx and his ideas, the more
the world comes to resemble the barbaric social system Marx predicted
capitalism was in the process of becoming. Therefore, Marx's ideas are
becoming more and more relevant to understanding what we see before us.
This new edition of The Communist Manifesto, with its excellent
informative notes and commentaries, enables the reader to appreciate this
document both historically and theoretically, both in relation to its own
and in relation to the realities around us."
-Allen Wood, Stanford University

PHIL GASPER, editor of The Communist Manifesto, is a professor of
Philosophy at Notre Dame de Namur University in California. He writes
extensively on politics and the philosophy of science, and is a frequent
contributor to CounterPunch.

ISBN 1-931859-25-6 paper
180 pages
October 25, 2005

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Phone: 773-583-7884

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