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Subject: Rethinking Marxism 2006

  Call For Papers

  Rethinking Marxism 2006


  RETHINKING MARXISM: a journal of economics, culture & society is pleased
to announce its 6th major international conference, to be held at the
University of Massachusetts, Amherst on 26-28 October, 2006.  The
conference is entitled Rethinking Marxism 2006.

  RETHINKING MARXISM s 5 previous international conferences have each
attracted between 750 and 1200 participants, and they have included
keynote addresses and plenary sessions, formal papers, workshops, art
exhibitions, video presentations, activist sessions, and performances.
Versions of all of these events are planned for Rethinking Marxism 2006.

  In keeping with the title, the conference is dedicated to the state of
contemporary Marxism and its many current correlates and derivatives.
The past few years have been fascinating and momentous for the fortunes
of contemporary Marxism, as can be seen in the many theoretical
traditions and activist movements that remain, in some way, inspired by
and indebted to a wide range of Marxian ideas and strategies.  The
renewed and continued vitality of Marxian, left, and socialist concepts
and practices in current-day Latin America (and elsewhere) is just one
indication of the ways in which Marxism remains a source of
international inspiration and struggle.  In addition, the continued,
growing reactions in the form of diverse anti-globalization movements to
capitalist globalization and its consistent denial of or aversion to
economic justice; to the persistence of class exploitation; to worsening
labor and environmental conditions; to the continued precarious global
position of women; to the economic, social, and personal endangerment
and abuse of children; and to the ever-widening gap between the rich and
the poor, draw partly, as well, from rich traditions and current new
thinking stemming from Marxism.  The loud and uniform international
opposition to the U.S. (and its allies ) wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
growing in both anger and outrage at the human and economic costs of the
new imperialism have also been sources for, and have taken from, a
plethora of Marxian ideas and strategies.  Indeed, the increased
tendency to call these wars imperialist is an indication that Marxism is
proving indispensable for popular thinking and reacting to these
international events.

  Of course, international events have also presented new challenges and
causes for the never-ending rethinking of old and new Marxian concepts.
For example, the increasing calls for democracy revive older dreams of
economic and political justice and rights for all.  However, they also
bring into relief the great distance between the present aggressive
imposition of such ideas, burdened with the realities of continued
economic exploitation and social oppression, and the dreams and desires
of many who wish for economic and political enfranchisement in all
nations.  Additionally, many new and old Marxian traditions need to take
heed of and think through, as a major conjunctural event, the turning
away from liberal secularity and its many broken promises and
contradictions and the turning toward religious and ethnic ideals and
movements.  These ideals and movements, at times, promise more just and
communal forms of living.  Yet, at other moments, they are avatars of
intolerance and internal sometimes violent repression and reaction.
And, as another salient concern, the notable dynamic growth of China and
India needs to be reviewed in light of these nations long and deep
historical engagements with communism, socialism, and Marxism.  What, if
anything, have these engagements contributed to, or, alternatively,
obstructed in, the recent forms of growth and the distribution (or not)
of their benefits?

  We invite indeed, enthusiastically welcome any and all who are
interested in these and other pressing questions to send in proposals
for papers and panels for Rethinking Marxism 2006 (a.k.a. RM06).


  Rethinking Marxism 2006 will be held over three days, beginning on
Thursday morning 26 October 2006 and ending on Saturday night 28 October
2006.  In addition to three plenary sessions and performance art, there
will be concurrent panels and art/cultural events.  We invite the
submission of pre-organized sessions that follow traditional or
non-traditional formats (such as workshops, roundtables, and dialogue
among and between presenters and audience).  Since contemporary Marxism
covers fields from literature to physics and forms of political practice
from environmental organizing to opposing global inequality, anyone
engaging with Marxism in any discipline or form of activism is
encouraged to submit paper and panel proposals.  We encourage those
working in areas that intersect with Marxism, such as feminism,
political economy, cultural and literary studies, queer theory,
working-class and labor studies, postcolonial studies, geography and
urban studies, psychoanalysis, social and natural sciences, philosophy,
and around issues of class, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender,
sexuality, and disability, to submit paper and panel proposals.  We
welcome video, poetry, performance, and all other modes of presentation
and cultural expression.  We encourage paper or panel submissions from
those working on any and all subjects that take an interest in a world
without exploitation and oppression.


  Proposals for papers should include:

  * Paper title

  * Presenter s name and contact information (mail, email, phone, fax)

  * Brief abstract (no more than 200 words)

  Proposals for panels should include:

  * Panel title

  * Name, contact information, and paper title for each presenter

  * Brief abstract (no more than 200 words) explaining the panel s focus

  * Names and contact information for any discussant(s) or respondent(s)

  * Title, contact, and address for any sponsoring organization or journal

  The appropriate registration fee must accompany all proposal
submissions.  Unfortunately, any submitted proposal not accompanied by
the appropriate preregistration fee cannot be considered.  Proposals
which are not accepted will have their preregistration fees returned in
full.  If you are submitting a proposal for an entire panel, please make
sure you include the preregistration fee for all members of the panel.

  The deadline for proposal submission is 1 August 2006.

  The best way to submit a proposal and to pay the preregistration fee is
to follow the instructions on the conference website:

  If you prefer to submit your proposal and pay the preregistration fee by
regular mail, please fill out the mail-in preregistration form posted on
the conference website and send it to:

  Vincent Lyon-Callo

  Department of Anthropology

  Moore Hall

  Western Michigan University

  Kalamazoo, MI 49008

  Please make sure that if you pay the preregistration rate by check, the
check is made out to AESA and drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars.


  Full Regular Rate $90 (at Conference $100)

  Full Low-Income Rate $40 (at Conference $45)

  Two-day Regular Rate $70 (at Conference $80)

  Two-day Low-Income Rate $30 (at Conference $35)

  One-day Regular Rate $50 (at Conference $60)

  One-day Low-Income Rate $20 (at Conference $25)

  You may preregister online at
http://www.rethinkingmarxism2006.org/registration.html, or download a
preregistration form at


  RM06 will be held on the campus of the University of Massachusetts
Amherst.  Detailed information on lodging, travel directions, and
childcare will be provided to all conference registrants on the
conference website.


  Selected papers, poems, art, and other forms of presentation from RM06
will be published in RETHINKING MARXISM and/or in a separate edited
volume of contributions. Read more about the journal at:


  All information pertaining to RM06, including paper and panel submission
instructions, preregistration and on-site rates, lodging suggestions,
travel directions, possible childcare arrangements, cultural events, the
conference program, and much else will be posted on the conference
website when details become available.  The web address is:


  Literature tables and display areas are available to groups, vendors,
and publishers at reasonable rates.  Ad space in the conference program
is also available at reasonable rates.  All ads must be camera-ready.


  Registrants for RM06 can receive a special conference rate of $45 on
individual subscriptions to RETHINKING MARXISM.  Non-registrants may
subscribe online at: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/08935696.asp


Journal: http://www.critical-sociology.org
Center: http://www.frasercenter.wayne.edu

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