[OPE-L] requesting some help

From: Paul Adler (padler@USC.EDU)
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 10:54:19 EDT

Friends -- I've been  working on a paper whose main idea is one I put
the list a long time ago; the paper is now pretty readable, and I'd
greatly appreciate comments on it from any of you who cares to read

By way of background, I note in the paper that Marxist theorists have
had little to say about the ongoing process of socializing
production. I note that a search of the compendium of Marxist
writings on the Marxists Internet Archive and via journal search
engines reveals that when the term "socialization" shows up, it has
been used almost exclusively in the political sense, to refer to the
partial steps towards socialization in the realm of the relations of
production: very little has been written about the ongoing
socialization in forces of production, even less about this
phenomenon at the enterprise level, and virtually nothing about the
subjective aspects that so impressed Marx in his discussion of rural
and craft idiocy.

My paper is framed as a Marxist account  of the routinization of
innovation postulated by Schumpeter. I focus specifically on software
development as it is practiced in large software services businesses.
I extend the analysis of Marx and  Engels to argue, first, that this
routinization represents socialization, both at the level of the
individual firm's objective organization structure and also at the
level of the subjective self-concepts of the workers (in this case,
software developers); and to argue, second, that such socialization
stands in a relation of real contradiction to  capitalist
valorization imperatives.

I would be very interested to get some serious assessment/critique of
my presentation and use of these themes in historical materialism.
Please be in touch if you'd like me to email you a copy.

Thanks in advance

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