Re: [OPE-L] translation of innerer Durchschnitt

From: Michael Heinrich (m.heinrich@PROKLA.DE)
Date: Sun Oct 09 2005 - 20:37:59 EDT


you asked for the translation of  "innerer Durchschnitt", but in the
German phrase you gave, we can only  find  "idealer Durchschnitt"
(translated with "ideal  average") and "innere Organisation".  Did you
mean "idealer Durchschnitt" instead of  "innerer Durchschnitt ?


Hanno Pahl schrieb:

> Hi Jerry and others,
> thank You so far. In the meantime I found my German CAPITAL-CDRom and the
> sought phrase (end of chapter 48, volume III):
> German
> "... Wir (gehen) im ,Kapital' nicht ein auf die Art und Weise, wie die
> Zusammenhänge durch den Weltmarkt, seine Konjunkturen, die Bewegung der
> Marktpreise, die Perioden des Kredits, die Zyklen der Industrie und des
> Handels, die Abwechslung der Prosperität und Krise, den Kapitalisten als
> übermächtige, sie willenlos beherrschende Naturgesetze erscheinen und
> sich
> ihnen gegenüber als blinde Notwendigkeit geltend machen. Deswegen nicht,
> weil die wirkliche Bewegung der Konkurrenz außerhalb unseres Plans
> liegt und
> wir nur die innere Organisation der kapitalistischen Produktionsweise,
> sozusagen in ihrem idealen Durchschnitt, dazustellen haben." K. Marx,
> Kapital III, MEW 25, 839.
> English
> "In our description of how production relations are converted into
> entities
> and rendered independent in relation to the agents of production, we
> leave
> aside the manner in which the interrelations, due to the world-market,
> its
> conjunctures, movements of market-prices, periods of credit,
> industrial and
> commercial cycles, alternations of prosperity and crisis, appear to
> them as
> overwhelming natural laws that irresistibly enforce their will over them,
> and confront them as blind necessity. We leave this aside because the
> actual
> movement of competition belongs beyond our scope, and we need present
> only
> the inner organisation of the capitalist mode of production, in its ideal
> average, as it were."
> Thanks anyway for Your hint concerning the "general nature" in Capital!
> In solidarity,
> Hanno
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> From: "Jerry Levy" <Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM>
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> Subject: Re: [OPE-L] translation of innerer Durchschnitt
>>> While in the Grundrisse Marx used the concept of 'capital in
>>> general' to define the range of his analysis (in German: Kapital im
>>> Allgemeinen or allgemeiner Begriff des Kapitals), in the three
>>> volumes of
>>> Capital he explicitly speaks of 'innerer Durchschnitt der
>>> kapitalistischen
>>> Produktionsweise'.
>> Hanno:
>> Capital in general is also referred to in _Capital_:
>> In the drafts for what was published as Volume 3 of  _Capital_
>> Marx refers to the  scope of  his work  in _Capital_ as
>> concerning  the "general nature of capital" ("allgemeine Natur
>> des Kapitals") .  See first paragraph of  Vol. 3, Ch. 6, Section 2.
>> Re "innerer Durchschnitt ....":  we could locate the English translation
>> quicckly if you could give us the chapter, section, and paragraph
>> numbers from _Capital_.
>> In solidarity, Jerry

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