Re: [OPE-L] Ricardo and Marx on embodiment

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Sun Oct 02 2005 - 16:34:53 EDT

> I'd just re-iterate that it is vital to distinguish between 'embodiment'
> (Ricardo) and 'congealment' (Marx)


1. Go to
Go to the "Search Using Local Htdig database".  Under "Select
Archive to Search", select "Capital and Economic Mss" then
enter the word "embodied".  Hit the "Search!" button.   I got 75
matches.    Doesn't this suggest that  "embodiment" was a
concept (or a metaphor) that Marx  also employed -- at least
at times?   Doesn't this suggest that there isn't quite as strong
a contrast between Marx ("congealment") and Ricardo
("embodiment") as you are suggesting above?

2.  What meaningful difference is there between saying that
value is SNLT "embodied" in a commodity versus  saying
that value is SNLT  "congealed"  in a commodity?  As far
as I can tell, "embodied" and "congealed" (and "crystallized")
all mean the same thing in this context.

In solidarity, Jerry

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