[OPE-L] Ramos, temporalismo

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Fri Sep 09 2005 - 13:37:28 EDT

The paper "El temporalismo  de Marx y las revoluciones en el valor  de las
mercancias" ("Marx's temporalism and value revolutions") by  former
listmember Alejandro Ramos is online at  (PDF)
and (html)  <http://www.ucm.es/info/eurotheo/materiales/hismat/aramos.htm

The article appeared in _Politica y Sociedad_, 2003, Vol. 40, #2,
pp. 231-252.  Diego referred to this article in [OPE-L:7035], dated
April 21, 2002:
http://ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/ope/archive/0204/0187.html .
In that post, Diego  indicated that he translated this paper into Spanish
because he thought that it "shows in a very clear and clever way the
TSS view."   He also wrote that he 'presented' (recommended) this
"excellent" paper -- which he disagrees with -- for  publication by
_Politica y Sociedad_.   (btw, Diego's post, which was a reply to a
post by Simon in which he [SM] mentions "a whole host of unresolved issues
about how contemporary capitalism works", is well worth another read and
discussion, imo).

In solidarity, Jerry

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