[OPE-L] George Caffentzis reviews Jeffrey Sachs' _The End of Poverty_

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"Dr. Jeffrey Sachs’ The End of Poverty:
A Political Review"
George Caffentzis

"At length the term-day, the fatal Martinmas, arrived, and violent
measures of ejection were resorted to. A strong posse of peace-officers,
sufficient to render all resistance vain, charged the inhabitants to
depart by noon; and as they did not obey, the officers, in terms of their
warrant, proceeded to unroof the cottages, and pull down the wretched
doors and windows, — a summary and effectual mode of ejection, still
practiced in some remote parts of Scotland, when a tenant proves
 — Sir Walter Scott, Guy Mannering or The Astrologer (1829)

Neoliberal globalization entered into its first major crisis seven summers
ago, with the so-called “Asian Financial Crisis.” Since then the
ideological power of this form of capitalism has been slowly ebbing. The
once attractive image of the creative powers of humanity finally being
brought together in the process of globalization for the “general welfare”
by borderless transfers of money, capital and labor at the speed of light
now seems to be a nostalgic relic. Since 1997, along with the continuing
economic crises and stagnation of Europe, South America, and Africa,
neoliberal globalization has faced two major ideological reversals. The
first reversal is associated with a city (Seattle) and the second with a
date (September 11, 2001).
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