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From: Paul Bullock (paulbullock@EBMS-LTD.CO.UK)
Date: Thu Aug 04 2005 - 19:33:23 EDT

exactly... the arguments centre immediately upon the implications for the
mass and rate of surplus value. That's economics for me.

The recent creation of a minimum wage here in Britain was preceded for years
by the  'lament over profits',
and the EU attempt to fix a max working week ( the so called 'social model')
was opted out of in practice by the same sort of appeal, PLUS arguments over
reduction in 'flexibility' of production,  infringement of civil liberty (
restricted freedom to sell use of labour power), 'pricing' of small
businesses out of business,  and a few other obvious points. There seem to
me to be no ( fortunately) 'sophisticated' indifference curve approaches to
muddy the water...


paul bl

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> When I said that no economists gave an economic reason, I was thinking of
> reasoning.  Just to say that it would cut into profits -- or even
eliminate them -- does
> not seem to be more than standard business-talk.
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> > Well, Senior of course, as per Vol 1 Capital
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