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Date: Tue Jun 28 2005 - 04:54:30 EDT

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At present there are hundreds of Heterodox economists and dozens of
Heterodox associations, networks, groups, workshops, newsletters,
conferences and so on, scattered all over the globe. This is on top of
hundreds of people working on real economic issues who would not
consider themselves 'economists' because they want to distance
themselves from orthodoxy. Where can all these people and associations
come together, over a significant period of time, to discuss ways to
mount a serous challenge to the dominant orthodox tradition? How about
Lancaster University's new Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS)?


I am putting together a proposal to bring together as many of these
people and associations as possible for a 12 month programme of events
based in Lancaster. Indeed, if this was successful, it might become a
permanent feature and the Heterodox Economics project would have an
institutional base.


To do this, however, requires your help. At this stage, I need a
(non-committal) expression of interest from any individual or
association who feels this is a worthy venture and one they would like
to support in some way. If sufficient interest is generated, I will then
embark on the next stage of raising funds.


During 2007-8 would you, at least in principle, be prepared to visit
Lancaster's IAS to:  

*       attend a conference or workshop on one or more Heterodox themes?
*       hold your association's annual conference?
*       organise, or help organise, a workshop, conference, summer
school or some other project?
*       give 'master classes' in your own specialism to interested
parties such as postgraduates?
*       attend a forum, and engage in a debate, perhaps a public debate,
with Orthodox Economists?
*       attend a forum with policy advisers?
*       become involved in some other way?


If so, then please contact me with details of yourself, and/or the
institution you represent, the particular Heterodox school(s) you
subscribe to and your specialism(s) within it, and the some ideas on how
you might like to participate.


Thanking you in anticipation


Dr. Steve Fleetwood

Research Director, IAS Knowledge-Based Economy Programme

Institute for Advanced Studies

Lancaster University


For further detail of the IAS, go to:




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