Re: [OPE-L] The Deep Structure of the Present Moment

From: Itoh Makoto (mktitoh@KOKUGAKUIN.AC.JP)
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 00:45:12 EDT

Dear David;

Following your advice, three copies of my paper 'Theoretical
Possibilities of Socialist Market Economy and the Chinese Road' were
air-mailed to the editors of Science and Society on 14th April. Did they
receive them? The paper seems quite suitable to your request for
contribution on "Stages and Global Transformation". How do you feel?
Will you please ask the other editors what is going on concerning my
paper and let me know it? Or is it too early yet to ask them? 

Makoto Itoh

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Subject: [OPE-L] The Deep Structure of the Present Moment

Dear OPE comrades,
   I don't usually "advertise" on the list, but I think Jerry would
have done it anyway in this case.
   I have just received an advance copy of the new issue of *Science &
Society,* a special issue on *The Deep Structure of the Present
Moment*.  We are making this an ongoing project, and like the
dialectical tension in the title.  The idea is simple, but oh, so hard
to implement: theory that is not abstract and lifeless; engagement with
the thorny present that does not get bogged down in detail and lose its
   The Guest Editor is historian Renate Bridenthal.  Contributors are:
Hester Eisenstein, Jerry Harris, David Laibman, Minqi Li, George
Liodakis, William Minter, Anastasia Nesvetailove, William I. Robinson,
Robert Went, and Nira Wickramasinghe.  The papers are grouped into
three topics/sections: "Stages and Global Transformation"; "The
Political Economy of Crisis"; and "Constituencies in a Polarizing
    I think the issue is a unique and powerful statement overall, and
should stimulate discussion.  Get a copy by going to our site,, or to, link to Science & Society.
    I would be glad to have OPE listmembers send in further
contgributions to the various debates engaged in this project.
    All good wishes to everyone,
David Laibman, Editor, Science & Society

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