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From: Tony Tinker (TonyTinker@MSN.COM)
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 09:32:19 EDT

You kicked me out my slumber Jerry.  Doing autopsies of financial failures (in order to avert failures in the future) is something the Big 4 accounting firms (and their client Professoriate) strenuously discourage. They usually insist that court material be sealed, to protect them against future litigation (and the SEC goes along with this).  The case analysis in books like PAPER PROPHETS (don't buy it, just try read it) are a politically effective way of alerting, galvanizing and preparing students (future auditors and managers) or the practical, ethical, and professional malaise that will confront them. 

There is nothing new about the anatomy of the current spieght of failures.  Enron was presaged by ZZZZ Best (20 years ago), Wordcom and Vivendi International are echoes of National Student Marketing and others, and the slush fund antics that led to the 1977 Foriegn Corrupt Practices Act should have prepared us for Parmalat.  The Big 4, and their university professoriate suppress this kind of case history.  Instead, they drill undergraduates in rote learning of the minutia of accounting rules, and imbue graduate students with recitations about the role of acccounting information in free market equilibriating processes (called market studies).  Most accounting doctorates (new teachers) don't have a CPA, and are usually very weak in their technical accounting knowledge.   

I am about to leave for St. Andrews but will keep an eye open for any responses. 
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  I don't think this book by listmember Tony Tinker has 
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  This appears to be a re-issuing  in paperback of  _Paper 
  Profits: A Social Critique of Accounting_ (Praeger, 1985).

  Have any of you read this book?  Comments?

  In solidarity, Jerry

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