[OPE-L] The Deep Structure of the Present Moment

From: dlaibman@JJAY.CUNY.EDU
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 16:10:59 EDT

Dear OPE comrades,
   I don't usually "advertise" on the list, but I think Jerry would
have done it anyway in this case.
   I have just received an advance copy of the new issue of *Science &
Society,* a special issue on *The Deep Structure of the Present
Moment*.  We are making this an ongoing project, and like the
dialectical tension in the title.  The idea is simple, but oh, so hard
to implement: theory that is not abstract and lifeless; engagement with
the thorny present that does not get bogged down in detail and lose its
   The Guest Editor is historian Renate Bridenthal.  Contributors are:
Hester Eisenstein, Jerry Harris, David Laibman, Minqi Li, George
Liodakis, William Minter, Anastasia Nesvetailove, William I. Robinson,
Robert Went, and Nira Wickramasinghe.  The papers are grouped into
three topics/sections: "Stages and Global Transformation"; "The
Political Economy of Crisis"; and "Constituencies in a Polarizing
    I think the issue is a unique and powerful statement overall, and
should stimulate discussion.  Get a copy by going to our site,
scienceandsociety.com, or to guilford.com, link to Science & Society.
    I would be glad to have OPE listmembers send in further
contgributions to the various debates engaged in this project.
    All good wishes to everyone,
David Laibman, Editor, Science & Society

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