[OPE-L] footnote on non-labourers discussion

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Fri Jun 10 2005 - 08:32:31 EDT

You will recall that, in connection with the thread "Why aren't
non-labourers the source of value?" from April,  we discussed (as a side
issue) animal intelligence and tool-making.

Note the following story:

"Dolphin moms teach daughters how to use tools"


"... yet another example of how animals learn to use tools."

"Their finding also seems to find a true animal case of
culture -- a behavior that is passed along socially and not
hot-wired into the genes ...."

"... bottlenose dolphins are capable of social learning...."
"They may be even better at imitating their peers than primates
are ...."

"Monkeys, birds and chimpanzees have all demonstrated behaviors
that could be described as tool use and as culture."

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