Re: [OPE-L] The New European Anti-Globalization Movement?

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 18:01:01 EDT

> Neither nationalism or racism among most of the French leftist who said no
> to the European Constitution .  [...]
> Sorry to disagree with you, dear Jerry.

Dear Suzanne:

I'm very happy to hear from you.  Thank you for sharing your perspective
on the "No" vote.  A small point of clarification, however: I did not claim
that racism and nationalism was the motivation of French _leftists_ who
against the EU Constitution.  Rather, it seems to be a factor behind the
French and Dutch right-wing which also -- to a significant extent --
campaigned  for a "No" vote.  I was simply making the point that in
explaining why a "No" vote should have been supported,  one should
publicly disassociate one's position from the reactionaries who also
campaigned for a "No".    Is that a controversial point?

In solidarity, Jerry

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