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From: Rullani Francesco [mailto:rullani@sssup.it]
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 8:24 AM
Subject: Confernece for PhDs working to bring Methodology at the centre
of Economics again

 Dear social scientist,
Four years ago, a group of PhD students started to
organize a series of annual conferences aimed at debating
 with other PhD students the methodological foundations of
 our research. Along this path, the Siena International
 conference (http://www.debating.it/siena2003/index.htm)
 and Pavia International conference
 (http://www.debating.it/pavia2004/index.htm) took place
 (and have been a success). The initial idea, though, was
 not only to invite speakers and scholars to animate our
 debate on the methodology of economic research, but also
 to make room for PhD students to meet and discuss among
 them and with seniors the methods they used in their
 specific research. Our main end is to maintain a
 continuous discussion about the method, comparing
 different approaches and highlighting the weakness and the
 strengths of each one, in order to become free to choose
 the best approach for our own research (see our manifesto
 and to drive the attention of faculties on the importance
 to discuss the scope of research and explore its tools,
 when educating students to become 'social scientists'.

 We are now organizing a third international conference in
 Turin (September 8-10, 2005;
 http://www.debating.it/torino2005/index.htm). We think
 this could become an extraordinary opportunity to meet
 with all the other groups around the globe, working on the
 same topics. Some of those experiences have had already a
 national and international role and recognition in
 promoting the debate on the methodology. Those experiences
 inspired us and gave us the impulse to put forward the
 discussion, but there are also other experiments that are
 just at their beginning, and some other we have got to
 know only during our research. We think that, whatever is
 the stage of each debate, a meeting could give new surge
 to everyone, being a chance to know each other's position,
 to understand the differences and the commonalities, and
to create a network in order to be more incisive as
 promoters of the European debate on methodology in
 economic research. Most importantly, moreover, it would
 provide students and scholars participating to the
 conference an opportunity to know the existence of
 experiences, to eventually participate more easily, and to
 hopefully start new active groups, taking advantage of
 your experience.

 We would like to invite a representative of your group to
 be part of the "Workshop of Movements", which is to be
 organized the first day of the conference 'Methodology in
 Economics: the Importance of Social Sciences' (September
 8th, 2005), bringing the experience of your group and
 sharing with us and the other groups the debate you are
 undertaking. The conference Organization Committee is
 ready to pay the travel and the accommodation expenses for
 one of your representatives for the duration of the whole

 We would also like to ask you to indicate any other
 similar experience, so that we can extend the invitation
 to them also.

 Please, let us know if you will be able to participate,
 and if you have any question, please contact us replying
 to this email or at info@debating.it.
We look forward to meet you in Torino!
Best regards,
Francesco Rullani
(in behalf of the Organization Committee)

 Francesco Rullani
Ph.D. Student,
Laboratory of Economics and Management,
Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies,
Piazza dei Martiri della liberta, 33,
56127 Pisa,
Ph: +39 050 883343
Fax: +39 050 883344
Homepage: https://mail.sssup.it/~rullani

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