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From: Francisco Paulo Cipolla (cipolla@UFPR.BR)
Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 15:42:03 EDT

Hi Jerry.
Do you know whether or not Laibman and Allin have their talks on paper
I am interested in what they have to say on the subject.
Thanks in advance and good trip if I do not get to talk directly to you until
there. By the way could you show us in a map your route?

Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM wrote:

> Note that David L will be giving the David Gordon lecture on "The
> Future Within the Present: Seven Theses for a Robust 21st Century
> Socialism."  Allin will also be there speaking on "New Possibilities
> for a Democratic Planned Economy."/ In solidarity, Jerry
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> From: "Al Campbell" <>
> Subject: [URPE] URPE Summer Workshop/Retreat
> REMINDER: For several years now, people have asked for a Summer
> Workshop/retreat focused on alternatives - what can we do in the face
> of this brutal hegemonic world social-political-economic order?  This
> year's workshop will be focused on this (with lots of other topics
> addressed in the workshops as well).  It promises to be very
> interesting, and given the despair that has overcome some fighters for
> social justice, inspiring - there are (plenty) of ways to fight back, and
> beyond that, there are plenty of important challenges to the hegemonic
> order going on right now.  Plan to join us - it will be both informative
> and fun (set in a camp on a lake in Western Connecticut) as usual. The
> dates are Saturday evening, August 20 to Tuesday noon, August 22.
> Full information on the conference and on getting there are on our
> web site,
> Note: Preliminary schedule as of 6/1/2005. Further information on the
> workshops will be posted at the end of June and July. For a good
> sense of what the schedule will look like, see the schedule from 2003
> on our Web site, under the Summer Workshop/Retreat.
> Note 2: Anyone who comes can present or take part in a workshop,
> concerning your work or ideas concerning social-economic justice.
> Please let me know of any workshops you would be interested in
> presenting or participating in.  We like workshops of 2 to 4 people,
> but we have quite a few with just one presenter, because that person is
> the only person talking on that topic that year.  If you see a workshop
> below that you feel your work would fit into, let me know, I will put
> you in touch with the organizer, and if there is room, we will include
> you in the presentations. My (Al Campbell) email is
> Note 3: I will be out of touch with the world from June 5 to June 29
> (down in the Grand Canyon). I will get back to you immediately
> following that. If you have questions that need a response before then,
> contact Paddy Quick at
>                   2005 URPE Summer Workshop/Retreat
>                             Alternatives!
> The David Gordon Lecture: THE FUTURE
> WITHIN THE PRESENT: Seven Theses for a
> Robust 21st- Century Socialism. David
> Laibman, Professor of Economics, Brooklyn
> College and Graduate School CUNY, and
> Editor of Science & Society.
> Plenary 1: Policy Alternatives
> Policy Implications of No Child Left Behind. Susan Williams
> McElroy, Professor of Economics, University of Texas at Dallas.
> Be Utopian. Demand the Realistic. Bob Pollin, Professor of
> Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Co-director of
> the Politcal Economy Research Institute (PERI)
> Plenary 2: Restructuring Social Relations
> The Transformative Moment: Personal Healing and the Restructuring
> of Economic Relations. Julie Matthaei, Professor of Economics,
> Wellesley College
> Commodity Fetishism: A Concept for Organizing Sweatshop Labor.
> John Miller, Professor of Economics, Wheaton College
> Re-mebedding the Rural Economy: Social Capital, Economic Justice,
> and Environmental Stewardship. Héctor Sáez, Professor of
> Economics, Community Development and Appied Economics
> Program and Environmental Program, University of Vermont
> Plenary 3:  Alternatives to Capitalism
> How Do We Begin to Get Serious About an American Transitional
> Strategy?  Gar Alperovitz, Professor of Political Economy, University
> of Maryland. Author most recently of Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming
> Our Wealth, Our Liberty and Our Democracy
> New Possibilities for a Democratic Planned Economy.  Allin Cottrell,
> Professor of Economics, Wake Forest University.
> Participatory Economics.  Robin Hahnel, Professor of Economics,
> American Universtiy. Author most recently of Economic Justice and
> Democracy: From Competition to Cooperation.
> Plenary 4: Graduate Students and Heterodox
> Economics
> { SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1}
> Workshop with guest organization, the Association for Economic and
> Social Analysis.
> A Class Analysis of Socialism and Communism: What was the
> Steven Resnick and Richard Wolff
> Workshops planned as of June 1.
> 1) Agents for Socialism and Community: Flirting with Aristotle
> 2) Living Simple and Confronting Consumerism
> 3) An Unfolding Revolution: Venezuela
> 4) A student centered/constructivist/contextual learning model for
> unemployment/outsourcing/globalization.
> 5) Reading the Nation State; Literature as Political Economy
> 6) The Future of New Immigrants Now and Then. A Case Study, New
> Haven.
> 7) Marxism and Today's Economic Problems.
> 8) The Job Market or Economists
> 9) Cuba Today
> 10) Alternatives to Capitalism

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