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Also note the following.  Unanswered is the question:  why would
they want to buy a Big Mac?

In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: [Working-Class] how much work does it take to buy a big mac To:

The Australian newspaper Green Left Weekly carries a small column  titled
Shockfacts,  which reports on statistics that tend to be startling.  In
its May  25 issue, the weekly asked, How long does it take employees  at
McDonalds restaurants in our [Asia-Pacific] region to earn enough money to
  purchase a Big Mac at their own place of work?²  Here’s the
latest   Shockfact, an interesting excursion into the world of  corporate

Australia —17 minutes; New Zealand — 28  minutes; Hong
Kong — 41 minutes; Malaysia — 1 hour, 26 minutes;  South
Korea — 1 hour, 29 minutes; Philippines — 2 hours, 19
minutes;  Thailand — 2 hours, 45 minutes; China — 3
hours, 58 minutes; Sri Lanka — 5  hours, 53 minutes;
India — 8 hours, 34 minutes; and the winner  is
Pakistan, where it takes a McDonalds worker 14 hours,
14 minutes to buy  a lousy burger.

The source of the information is  http://www.asianlabour.org

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