[OPE-L] Scholarship for PhD study on the Americas a the University of London

From: Asfilho@AOL.COM
Date: Sun May 29 2005 - 06:49:53 EDT

Please inform any potential applicants. 
Institute PhD Studentship 

The Institute for the Study of the  Americas is offering a three-year PhD 
studentship on the Americas (Canada, the  US, the Caribbean or Latin America) in 
the fields of social science or  history. To be eligible for the award, the 
research project must contain a  significant comparative component concerning 
either nation-states or  culture. 
The successful applicant will commence their doctoral work at the Institute  
for the Study of the Americas in October 2005. The studentship will cover the  
equivalent of home/EU tuition fees (£3,300 in 2005-06) as well as a stipend 
at  Research Council rates (£12,500 in 2004-05). 
The purpose of the Institute for the Study of the Americas is to promote,  
coordinate and provide a focus for research and postgraduate teaching on the  
Americas – Canada, the US, Latin America and the Caribbean – in the University  
of London. Further information about the Institute, including the interests  
and expertise of its _academic staff_ 
(http://americas.sas.ac.uk/about/faculty_profile.php) ,  is available on this website, email _americas@sas.ac.uk_ 
(mailto:americas@sas.ac.uk)  or call 020 7862 8870.   
To apply, send a cover letter, a research proposal of not more than 1,000  
words outlining the intended project and a completed application form for  
MPhil/PhD entry (available on the Institute’s website) by midday on  Friday 15 July 
2005. Applicants must meet the Institute’s standard  MPhil/PhD entry 
requirements. Email applications are acceptable. 
This AOL  account can be unreliable. If your message bounces back, please try 
my other  address,  as59@soas.ac.uk

Dr  Alfredo Saad Filho
Senior Lecturer in Political Economy of  Development
Department of Development Studies
SOAS, University of  London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG
United  Kingdom

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