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From: Paul Bullock (paulbullock@EBMS-LTD.CO.UK)
Date: Sat May 28 2005 - 13:23:43 EDT

To Paul Z,

Can I add that if you look at

You will find an interview with Chavez's elder brother - a an avowed
marxist - which gives some idea of the discussions that must have been going
on between family and friends for years. The brother, I understand , was and
is part of the group responsible for the furtherance of land reform, a
committee that was given a severe dressing down by the President for its
lack of progress at one point (ie threatened with the sack). This is another
lesson in the fact that those who call themselves Marxists are in no sense
automatically to be considered effective revolutionaries or even considered
as such by others , whatever their own subjective view. ( This is
particularly the case in academia in my experience) What is important is the
deed. You will remember Marx's own quote from Goethe in Vol 1, apart from
common sense!

On a number of occasions. Lenin pointed out that ther enemies of the working
class were forced to call themselves Marxists  even to get a hearing, such
was the success of  Marx's work. So whatever politicians call themselves is
not of any immediate importance. Chavez is involved in a form of
revolutionary nationalism which is antagonistic to imperialism, and was seen
as an enemy very soon by the US... it reminds me of the US Dept of State
discussions very shortly after the Cuban revolution,  and the famous remark
that.. 'Castro may not be a communist but he acts like one........'


Paul B

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> Paul,
> Chavez has publicly referred to learning from Che - who was undoubtedly a
> Marxist - and his period as a  government minister, his concept of the new
> man etc in speeches.  Otherwise his references are to socialism or a new
> kind etc, using the odd Trotsky quote, and so on. Any one with the
> reactionary filling who hears any of this will deduce that Chavist is
> 'becoming' a Marxist, by which they will mean that they now oppose him.
> What is important is the underlying class conflict that gives rise to the
> use of , or rejection of, expressions.
> Paul B
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> > Michael,
> >
> > VNews has an article of last Monday at
>  It begins:
> >
> >    "Let me begin by stressing that I believe wholeheartedly in President
> Chavez and his Revolution ... but. I fear that by his invocation of
> Marxism -- and by the occasional Marxist flavored comments which have
> occasionally been made in this journal -- a great historical chance is
> jeopardized ... the chance to create a new kind of post Marxist socialism,
> one based on decentralization, worker's cooperatives, and a truly moral
> spiritual, as opposed to coldly rationalist, historical materialist, road
> social justice."
> >
> > Afterwards there is no evidence offered that Chavez invokes Marxism.  Do
> you know if he has and what he said?
> >
> > Paul Z.
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