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Date: Thu May 26 2005 - 18:00:39 EDT

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Venezuela began the testing phase of an innovative new continent-wide
television network this week.  Television del Sur, or Telesur, is a joint
venture between the governments of Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, and
Brazil, and is expected to become a public-interest alternative to the
region's commercial media outlets.

Telesur intends to be the first South American network produced and
controlled by Latin Americans.  Existing Spanish language networks, CNN
Espaol, Univision, and Telemundo, are all subsidiaries of US corporations,
and many viewers complain that these ownership structures influence content.
South Americans often get more news from United States or Iraq than from
their neighboring countries, or more subtly, that the networks inject US
cultural biases into their coverage.  People in the region have long pressed
the need to "see Latin America through Latin American eyes."

Headquartered in Caracas, Telesur will soon open regional bureaus in Bogota,
Buenos Aires, Brasilia, La Paz, Havana, Mexico City, Montevideo, and New
York.  Continent-wide broadcasts will begin this summer.

Visit Telesur's new webpage at: http://www.telesurtv.net/ [In Spanish and

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