[OPE-L] Chavez es el gente?

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Sat May 14 2005 - 15:28:42 EDT

>You will recall what I told you about the (professionally
> printed and expensive color) placards which read:  "CHAVEZ _IS_ THE
> PEOPLE!".    To repeat a question that I asked you before (in a
> post on May 2): is this a popular slogan in Venezuela?

Michael L,

Since you haven't answered my question, I did a lit bit of 'google'
searching of my own.   It seems that "Chavez es el gente" ("Chavez
is the people") and "Chavez es el pueblo"  ("Chavez is the town")
have long been popular and very visible slogans in Venezuela,
including being used on billboards and banners.

The source of the slogan is evidently Chavez himself:

"Now, Chavez is not Chavez; Chavez is the people! And the
people will not be stopped!  (from a speech in July, 1999).

It doesn't appear that Chavez has tried since to distance
himself from this slogan.

In solidarity, Jerry

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