Re: [OPE-L] Query to John Holloway: What's your position on theBolivarianrevolution?

From: Paul Bullock (paulbullock@EBMS-LTD.CO.UK)
Date: Fri May 13 2005 - 18:25:42 EDT

Dear Michael, Paul Z,

It seems to me that JH is simply  taking too much of your time. The prologue
note he attached on Keynesianism, like any number of abstract and general
comments really tells us nothing about anything.  Of course it is true that
eg in Ecuador, presidents and govts change, 8 in the last 9 years, three
times after massive  pressure... and not only has nothing much changed, but
matters got worse for the masses.. but this is because there is no mass
revolutionary party or even a mass radical democratic movement, ... an
organisation that seems to beyond JH's conception, or about which he has
acute anxieties. Of course the old state machine  - the 'political class'
has to be removed .. the issue that JH doesn't seem to deal with is by
what.? He stays with a sort of awkward set of pleasantries and nicities
wanting to see the end of  'the state'  without the slightest consideration
of the process that that 'end' will be part of. ... the creation of
Proudhon's communities? Bakunin's ( presumably not the 1869 Basle Bakunin)
brotherhoods?... those in the field will determine the outcome, whatecr  the
'philosphers' think.

Paul Bl.

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> Jerry,
>          Do you support the arguments that John H. made in his book?
>          I regard them as erroneous, a very negative political influence
> and as demonstrably refuted by events in Venezuela. I assume that a
> inclination was behind Paul Z's question. John, of course, can take all
> time he needs to answer the questions Paul and I have posed. It's well
> a year, though, since I wrote my critique (which, the last I heard, was
> waiting for a response from him so it could be published). The basic
> question is pretty simple--- does he stand behind the arguments in his
>          in solidarity,
>          michael
> At 10:33 11/05/2005, Jerry wrote:
> >Michael:
> >
> >Two brief observations:
> >
> >1) You have repeatedly argued that the situation in Venezuela is
> >complex and changing.  What John writes above is a recognition that
> >you both agree that the situation is complex and can't be analysed
> >simply.
> >
> >2)  You have on numerous occasions explained that, given your
> >other professional and political commitments, you couldn't
> >reply right away to a particular question.  John, it seems to me,
> >is pleading for the same patience.
> >
> >In solidarity, Jerry
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