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The Politics of Empire

Globalisation in Crisis

     Edited by Alan Freeman and Boris Kagarlitsky

      Published to coincide with the European Social Forum this timely book
explains the origins of a new age of Empire that began with the wars of
occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq launched by the Bush administration.
Uniquely, it shows that globalisation itself is responsible for this new
and warlike period, uniting the critiques of the movements for peace and
for social justice.

      Nine leading writers and activists spanning five continents present a
radical deconstruction of the theories behind the neoliberal project.
Challenging the idea that globalisation is inevitable and unstoppable,
they argue that its economic contradictions have torn apart the world
order which sustained it, creating a divided and warlike planet.

      Synthesising two streams of thought  new critiques thrown up by the
anti-globalisation movement and the classical anti-imperialist tradition 
the book pinpoints, with a wealth of documented factual evidence, how
globalisation has driven apart peoples, classes and nations, reshaping the
key regions of the world.

      In Central and South Asia, in Africa, Russia, the Middle East, in
Latin America, and in an emerging imperial Europe, the contributors
dissect the new politics of competitive regionalism and offer a roadmap
for change.

      In a convincing demonstration of the intellectual potential of
resistance to neoliberal globalisation, the authors prove it has given
birth to a capacity not just to withstand what is wrong, but to understand
what is right. The work creates an authentic new intellectual space, free
from ideology on the one hand and dogma on the other, in which the
anti-war movement and the anti-globalisation movement can assess freely
how to join forces and face the coming period of world history.

 Contributors include:

  a.. Walden Bello, world-famous anti-globalisation campaigner and director
of the Bangkok-basedFocus on the Global South;
  b.. Kate Hudson, chair of the UK Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; c..
Jayati Ghosh, economics professor at Nehru University and Secretary of
International Development Economics Associates, a South-based network of
heterodox development economists;
  d.. William I. Robinson, author of Promoting Polyarchy and a leading
figure in the California-based Global Studies Association;
  e.. Patrick Bond, prominent South African anti-globalisation campaigner
The editors are:

  a.. Boris Kagarlitsky, winner of the Deutscher Memorial Prize for his
book, The Thinking Reed: Intellectuals and the Soviet State;
  b.. Alan Freeman, a professional economist and a Visiting Fellow of the
University of Greenwich and co-editor with Ernest Mandel of Marx, Ricardo
and Sraffa

2004 / 304pp / 215mm x 135mm / Pb / 0745321836


1. Introduction: World Empire  Or a World of Empires?

2. The Inequality of Nations

3. The Crisis of the Globalist Project and the New Economics of George W.

4. Imperialist Globalization and the Political Economy of South Asia

5. Globalization and the New World Order: The New Dynamics of Imperialism
and War

6. The Crisis of Global Capitalism: How it Looks from Latin America

7. Facing Global Apartheid

8. Unity, Diversity and International Cooperation: The US War Drive and
the Anti-war Movement

9. From Global Crisis to Neo-Imperialism: The Case for a Radical Alternative

Notes on Contributors



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