[OPE-L] Hegel's _Philosophy of Right_ and Marx

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See message below on London Marx-Hegel Reading Group.  The
group is looking at "Hegel's Doctrine of the State in Marx."  The
emphasis it seems is on examining the relation of Hegel's _Philosophy
of Right_ to Marx's _early_ writings.  Why, though, haven't they taken
the next step and asked what is the relation of the structure of the
_Philosophy of Right_ to the proposed structure of the 6-book-plan,
I wonder?

Felton C. Shorthall pointed out the following (_The Incomplete Marx_,
Aldershot, Avebury, 1994, p. 468) similarity:


*Philosophy of Right*      *Marx's Original Plan of Work*

A) The Family


B)  Civil Society                    Book on Capital
                                             Book on Landed Property
                                             Book on Wage-Labour


C)  The State                        The State

International Law                   International Trade

World History                       World Market and Crisis


Is this just a coincidence?

In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: London Marx-Hegel Reading Group: Seminars and Meetings

 London Marx-Hegel Reading group: seminars and regular reading group
for summer term 2005

All meetings will take place on Wednesday evenings at 6.30 pm in Room A318,
Third Floor, Old Building, LSE, Houghton Street.  For access, see

 The group is looking at the "Critique of Hegel's Doctrine of the State in
Marx, Early Writings, Pelican, 1975.  Details below.  New members are
welcome.  In some of the weeks when we don't have a reading group, there is
a seminar.  The seminars are open to non-reading group members.  There are
no meetings on 4 May or 8 June.

 27 April - Reading group.  Marx, Early Writings, pp 116-131, Hegel's
Philosophy of Right paragraphs 298-301.

4 May - No meeting.

 11 May - Reading group. Pp 131-148, paragraphs 302-307.

 18 May - Seminar: Andrew Chitty "Hegel and Marx's Paris Manuscripts"

 25 May - Reading group.  Pp 148-164, paragraphs 304-305

 1 June - Seminar: Chris Arthur "The concept of mediation"

 8 June - No meeting

 15 June - Reading group.  Pp 164-180, paragraphs 306-307

 22 June - Seminar: Joe McCarney: topic tba

 29 June - Reading group: Pp 180-198, paragraphs 308-313

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