Re: [OPE-L] John H on capitalist and anti-capitalist conceptions oftime

From: John Holloway (johnholloway@PRODIGY.NET.MX)
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 14:39:27 EST


    Many thanks. John

>> 1. OK, Jerry, and perhaps John, we agree that not all rage within the
>> working class has progressive impacts for workers.  Perhaps we can also
>> agree that misdirected rage can have reactionary implications, perhaps
>> even strong implications (e.g., attack on Frick's person).
> Paul Z,
> Yes,  of course.  Rage can be progressive or reactionary depending on
> what the rage is directed at and what it is directed for and by what
> class or social group.
> I'll pass for now on your 2nd question.
>> 3. If we can past that, then what mechanism is going to be suggested to
>> implement the judgment?
> Insofar as we are talking about communities in struggle against capital,
> then I think we need to support self-determination.
>> Again, it's not so simple.
> It never is.  Did John suggest otherwise?
> In solidarity, Jerry

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