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Date: Sat Mar 26 2005 - 00:14:21 EST

Here's a new collection (edited by listmember Werner Bonefeld) that
includes a piece by John as well--- great reviews:

Werner Bonefeld and Kosmas Psychopedis (eds.)  Human Dignity
Social Autonomy and the Critique of Capitalism (Ashgate: Publication Date:

'I cannot think of any work in/on Marxist theory published in recent  years
where the contributions are as provocative and as well argued -  or as
convincing - as in this superb scholarly selection. There is no reason for
surprise, however, given that they were written by some of the world's
leading Marxist thinkers. And all this on the most important topics of our
time. An outstanding work destined to become the focus of a much needed
debate among Marxists and non-Marxists alike. Five stars.' Professor
Bertell Ollman, New York University, USA

'Many continue to hold that Marxism is an exhausted research program
without practical relevance. It is probably too much to hope that this
brilliant collection will put to rest that idea. But it should. The authors
are among the world's foremost authorities on both Capital and struggles
against the present form of globalization. No one interested in either
Marxian theory or contemporary social movements should overlook this set of
carefully-argued and provocative essays.'
Professor Tony Smith, Chair of Department of Philosophy and
Religious  Studies, Iowa State University, Iowa, USA

'This collection of essays addresses the turmoil of our times - war,
terrorism, and poverty - with reference to the large-scale historical
developments usually referred to as "globalization". The essays raise
fundamental questions regarding the compatibility of capitalism and human
dignity, and distinguish anti-globalization movements that enhance such
dignity from those that, in the name of resistance, further undermine it.
Anyone interested in coming to grips critically with the present as history
will be stimulated by reading this book.'
Moishe Postone, University of Chicago, USA
Against the background of growing uncertainty about the future development
of capitalism, and in the face of war, terror and poverty, this book asks:
What do we have to know to prevent misery? What can we do to achieve
conditions of human dignity? And what must we hope for? The volume argues
that all social life is essentially practical and explores the central most
important value of human dignity. It discusses practical consequences in
relation to the theory of revolution and contemporary anti-globalization


I.                    Human dignity: social autonomy and the critique of
capitalism, Werner Bonefeld and Kosmas Psychopedis.

II.                 Critique of Capitalism and the Question of Revolution:
Some aspects of Marx's concept of critique in the context of his
economic-philosophical theory, Hans-Georg Backhaus;
Social reality as appearance: some notes to Marx's conception of reality,
Helmut Reichelt;
Social critique and the logic of revolution: from Kant to Mark and from
Marx to us, Kosmas Psychopedis.
III.               Social Autonomy: Time, Experiences and Means:
Beyond the muck of ages, Michael A. Lebowitz;
The untimely timeliness of Rosa Luxemburg, Joseph Fracchia;
Time of reification and time of insubordination. Some notes, Sergio Tischler.IV
IV.               Human Dignity;
Anti-Capitalism and Perverted Forms of Resistance: Nationalism and
anti-Semitism in anti-globalization perspective, Werner Bonefeld;
Stop making Capitalism, John Holloway;

About the Author/Editor Werner Bonefeld is based at the University of York,
UK. Kosmas Psychopedis was formerly a Professor at the University of
Athens, Greece.

Further Information
ISBN: 0 7546 4468 5
Number of Pages: 197 pages
Binding: Hardback
Binding Options: Available in Hardback only
Book Size: 234 x 156 mm
British Library Reference: 306.3'42
Library of Congress Reference: 2005922594

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