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Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 18:59:00 EST

I don't know if we on this list have taken note of another Japanese economist, Nobuo Okishio's death
in Nov., 2003. Although Okishio tried to use various tools of "burgeoisie" economics, he was a "Marxian" economist 
in every sense of the term. 

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  I don't think we have taken note yet of the death this past July
  of Michio Morishima.  It is hard to believe that anyone who 
  seriously studied Marxian economics in the 1970s was
  not aware of his writings.  He was certainly an influential figure
  for my generation of radical economists, but what exactly
  was that influence?

  A short obituary from _The Japan Times_
  < >
  An announcement by LSE: < 
  From December, 2004, a tribute at a memorial meeting 
  by Kotaro Suzumura:
  < >
  older New School page on Morishima:


  While Morishima was not a Marxian, he was certainly widely
  read by radical economists, especially in the 1970s.  While
  you might not agree with his perspective in _Marx's Economics_
  (Cambridge University Press, 1973), I don't think there can be
  any doubt that it was a sympathetic critique of Marx.  What,
  though, was his influence on the generation of Marxians who read 
  this book?   Are there some aspects of his critique that we should
  accept as valid?  

  In solidarity, Jerry

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