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Subject: Asking again to Adam Smith

Dear Paul,

I have read - in ope-l -  the article about the standard commodity where Paul Cockshott and Ajit Sinha state that no possibility of comparing one economy with itself after having introduced technical changes.
I can help but asking me something: if common people can compare and say that after a technical change, in the way - for instance - bread is produced, a more productive system with more surplus is achieved, why they can not say it?
Since Adam Smith we know we are richer if only we proceed to a greater specialization in the working people, although we strictly speaking, might not compare the standard commodity or even the nature of work after and before the change. 
At the limit, we can measure against the people's invested personal energies. This is what Adam Smith defines as average price: the quantity of work you can ask to be done for you with it. This leads us to the ratio price/value -  a contribution to IGCVT treating this question of technical change was presented last year - that may allow us to compare situations after technical change.

Best regards,

Vicenš MelÚndez

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