[OPE-L] Political Economy of Organic Foods

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 06:44:34 EST

a Marxian analysis by Paul Rye Kledal, a researcher at the Danish 
Research Institute of Food Economics:
< http://www.foi.dk/cv/paul-kledal/paper-SAFO-PE-organicfoods.doc >

This topic is related to our recent, brief discussion on 
consumption initiated by Jurriaan.



o  What role has consumer demand by the working-class played 
    in the transition to different "food regimes"?  Have the 
    trends towards organic farming and vegetarianism occurred 
    because of or in spite of what capital wanted?

o   It's been long known that the "Green Revolution"  caused
    an increase in concentration in farming because large and
    wealthy producers were better positioned  to benefit from the 
   new farming technologies.   Has the growth of organic farming
   (in a sense, a counter-trend)  created a niche for smaller farmers 
   or has this market also become increasingly taken over by 
   wealthy landowners and agribusiness?

o  Should Marxians champion organic  farming or not?  Should
   we champion vegetarianism or not?  Should we advance positions
   on these issues which are culturally- and regionally-specific 
   or should there be a  international working class perspective
   on organic farming and vegetarianism?

In solidarity, Jerry

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