[OPE-L] The Herstory of Late Capitalism and Anti-Capitalism

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 07:06:03 EST

*Happy International Women's Day!*   

Klara Zetkin is often credited with founding IWD, although
March 8 has significance in the history of the workers'
movement going back to 1857 when workers in the needle trades
marched in New York City demanding a 10-hour-day, better 
working conditions, and equal rights for women. It wasn't until the 
1910 congress of the Second International that Zetkin proposed 
that March 8 be *international* women's day.  For decades 
IWD was thought of as a *socialist* holiday.  Now, of course, it 
has gone more mainstream and there is little recognition of 
the true radical and class history behind IWD.

Some sites on the herstory of IWD:

A few questions:

* To the extent that women have more rights today than
   a few decades ago, is that move towards equal rights

   a) a consequence of capitalism?  I.e.is there an inherent drive
       towards equality associated with the bourgeois mode of 

   b) a consequence of women (and their allies) creating a 
       social movement which fought for (and continues to fight
       for) equality?

* To what extent has value and the struggle against value 
      played a role in the herstory of capitalism?

* Isn't  the study of  Marxian political economy and value theory an 
      area of study which has been, de facto, dominated by men?  If so, 
      why?  If so, what is needed to change this situation?  

In solidarity, Jerry

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