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Subject: Corporate values
From:    "Jurriaan Bendien" <andromeda246@hetnet.nl>
Date:    Mon, March 7, 2005 3:47 pm

Maybe this item I noticed on another errand is of interest for your list:
a  recent Aspen Institute study of "corporate values".

Most leftists these days regard corporations as evil bogeys that are
destroying the world, but from the perspective of realistically
reconstructing an economy along socialist lines, the more interesting
question is "what sorts of values would a socialist corporate organisation
 seek to promote, and why?". If it isn't "Mao ze dong Thought" or
"Marxism-Leninism" or " Kim Il-sung Thought", what would it be?

In his book "The Poverty of Philosophy", Marx commented: "M. Proudhon the
economist understands very well that men make cloth, linen, or silk
materials in definite relations of production. But what he has not
understood is that these definite social relations are just as much
produced  by men as linen, flax, etc."

So then if socialism is not simply (1) the state owning the means of
production, and (2) the Marxist party owning the state (the old Leninist
concept), then "social relations" could refer not just narrowly to
"ownership and control relations" but also more broadly to "the forms of
association" through which social co-operation is culturally accomplished,
 which are guided by certain socially accepted norms and conventions (of
course, the corporate "values" Aspen mentions often conflate ethical
principles with socio-economic priorities and desirable behavioural

We are talking here about large organisations employing tens of thousands
of  people worldwide, to produce a range of products for a mass
consumption  demand, in other words, the kinds of organisations that
leftists dream of  building, but rarely succeed in building.


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