Re: [OPE-L] Brazil Massacre

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 12:07:24 EST


The Un-Habitat definition of slums can be found in the following:
< >

At another site on the challenge of slums -- published by the World Bank --
I read that the WB answer is the "upgrading of slums".
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This is an interesting choice of words since "upgrading" here in the
US is used as a euphemism for *gentrification* -- a process whereby 
the poor are removed and evicted from urban areas.  

It is also important to note re the massacre that the squatters in
Brazil are part of a global squatters *movement*.  Indeed, that is 
the context in which I heard about the protest:  some of the organizers
of the NYC protest were squatters who have also been evicted and 
attacked by capital and both the legal and armed wings of the state 
and can thus readily identify with the squatters in Goiania.

Alfredo, Paolo and Michael L -- thanks to all of you for your comments.

My impression is that a lot more anarchists are talking about and 
fighting over housing than are socialists.  Isn't this an arena of
struggle that we should participate in?  

The presumption that some socialists are making,  I guess, is that if 
you have employment you can obtain housing (and hence they
privilege struggles over employment as being more 'essential' than
struggles over housing)  But, often to find employment -- especially 
outside of the informal sector -- one needs housing.  Catch 22.

In solidarity, Jerry

 Un-Habitat published last year a book called The Challenge of Slums in which it is calculated that there are more than 900 million people,  let us say 1/6 of the world population living in slums. I donīt know how the research was concucted nor what was the definition of slums. If we consider the broader category of inadequate housing conditions I guess we would have a much bigger number. May be 1/5 of the worldīs population living under inadequate housing conditions, may be more! One feels like vomiting. <<<

And, besides vomiting, fighting back!

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