Re: [OPE-L] Brazil Massacre: Protest at Brazilian Consulate

From: Francisco Paulo Cipolla (cipolla@UFPR.BR)
Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 10:15:09 EST

Francisco Paulo Cipolla wrote:

> Regarding the Goiânia massacre:
> It is important to know that the final attack was preceeded by several
> nights of terror during which the police exploded bombs non-stop in
> order to terrify the squaters and make the final attack easier. I saw
> reports on TV of people living in the vicinities whom could not sleep
> for several nights, the whole night. Property is sacred.
> It is also important to know that dweling problems are gigantic in
> Brazil. Favelas only do not account for the dwelling deficits.
> Sometimes what are called "favelas" are not even the worst condition
> people live in. The "pauper" left here owe research and analysis of
> this problem on a grand scale. In the meantime it is the UN who does
> the job. Un-Habitat published last year a book called The Challenge of
> Slums in which it is calculated that there are more than 900 million
> people,  let us say 1/6 of the world population living in slums. I
> don´t know how the reseach was concucted nor what was the definition
> of slums. If we consider the broader category of inadequate housing
> conditions I guess we would have a much bigger number. May be 1/5 of
> the world´s population living under inadequate housing conditions, may
> be more! One feels like vomiting.
> Paulo.
> Asfilho@AOL.COM wrote:
>>  Dear all, This was a massacre. The police invaded the settlement
>> (after politicians had promised to resolve the problem peacefully -
>> but that was during the election campaign last year). The settlers
>> had been there for many years. The owner did not pay the land taxes,
>> again, for years. But for some reason the owner took the settlers to
>> court and obtained an eviction order. The police crashed in. As far
>> as I know, two people are officially dead, but scores are missing -
>> perhaps up to 50. Bodies have apparently been turning up gradually
>> inside wells, on roadsides and in woods far from the settlement.
>> It's grotesque.Check the Brazilian Indymedia site,
>> state of Goias (capital: Goiania, pop. approx. 1.2m) is a very
>> right-wing state, dominated by a coalition of traditional landlords
>> and agribusiness. Property rights are very important to them. They
>> also think that a good beating from time to time can help to keep
>> people in their proper places. This is not an exaggeration; I lived
>> there for many years, and my parents still do.I think international
>> outrage can make a big difference in this case. It could force the
>> federal government to seek a solution - otherwise the state
>> government will stall the official investigation and the killers
>> will carry on as normal.Of course there is a pattern here -
>> Carandiru, in Sao Paulo (111 dead); the Para' State massacre of
>> landless peasants (16? dead), Goiania. Life is cheap in
>> Brazil.alfredo.

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