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From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 10:58:08 EST

Grigorii Pushnoi"  <gpushnoi@mail.ru> asked that I forward the
following to OPE-L./ In solidarity, Jerry


I am  marxist researcher from Russia, St. Petersburg.
I put forward the modern mathematical Marxian economics in our country.
Unfortunately this item almost is not known here. Ideologization of Marx'
concept in the Soviet Russia led to very bad state of the modern russian
 marxist science.
Now the "transformation problem" is discussed in site
Existing solutions of this problem (L.Bortkiewicz; P.Sweezy; A.Shaikh;
"new  solution" and etc.) can be advanced by means of new approach to
understanding of "abstract labor", "value" and "reduction problem". This
is a new  solution of "transformation problem"  which is based on a new
nontrivial  reduction problem
solution. This solution did not published anywhere and I hope to represent
it in this site in the very near future. Perhaps this material can be
useful in our work.
Unfortunately for english-speaking readers only russian variant of this
text exists. But I hope to give in this site short english version also.
Best regards,
Grigorii S. Pushnoi,
E-mail: gpushnoi@mail.ru

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