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From: Howard Engelskirchen (howarde@TWCNY.RR.COM)
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 09:47:29 EST

Hi Ian,

My point is that science is engaged in giving causal explanations of
phenomena and as such its explanations are accountable to phenomena.  The
appeal to Hegel often draws a distinction between logic and cause so that
dialectical analysis is presented as non-causal and the necessities found
are presented as non-causal.  Explanation then is not causal or accountable
to phenomena as such.

This is not much of an expansion, but perhaps the target of my concern is


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> Hi Howard
> > I also agree, of course, with your point about the Hegelian strand and
> > add that the distinction one finds between logic and cause drives a
> > between Marx and science.
> I didn't understand this last bit. If you get the opportunity, could
> you expand on it?
> ATB,
> -Ian.

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