[OPE-L] Marx's Form of Analysis

From: Hans G. Ehrbar (ehrbar@LISTS.ECON.UTAH.EDU)
Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 12:10:08 EST

Jerry, you wrote:

> I'm not sure how to go about replying without being repetitive.

You didn't repeat yourself.  In your earlier post you had
written that

> Value can not be adequately grasped as a specific social
> relation without reference to the later stages of Marx's
> analysis, including Ch. 6 of Volume 1.

I objected to this.  Value is a specific social relation,
and can be grasped as such, even if there is no wage labor.
Arguing otherwise would be like saying that children are not
humans because they are not adults.

In your more recent message you wrote:

> for products of labor to have an exchange value which is
> expressed in money and for that exchange value to have a
> 'rough correspondence' to labour time does not constitute
> the entire range of social relations associated with
> value.

Here I agree.


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