[OPE-L] New Version of Capital Annotations

From: Hans G. Ehrbar (ehrbar@LISTS.ECON.UTAH.EDU)
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 12:38:40 EST

Today is a big day for me because I just uploaded my
collection of Annotations to Marx's Economic Writings in a
new format.  The collection itself consists of 13 pdf files
(which have many links between them).  The main file, the
Annotations to volume 1 of Capital, has the name akmc.pdf
and is about 5 MB.  It reproduces selected chapters of
Capital I in English and German side by side, interspersed
with detailed comments which try to explain every step in
Marx's argument.  The collection also contains a brief file
overview.pdf which explains the contents of the other files,
gives links to them, and highlights the main points that are
new in these files.  An important addition to the collection
is a file named glossary.pdf, which investigates the
meanings under which Marx used several important terms,
scheinen, erscheinen, ausdruecken, darstellen, etc.  I hope
that the work that is going into this glossary will
eventually help produce better translations of Marx's

The home page for this collection is


This collection is available in three different formats:
formatted for screen reading (the recommended format), on
DIN A4, or on US letter page sized pages.  The
recommended format is that for screen reading, which
resides in the zip file


It is about 15 MB.

I would be especially interested in hearing what the members
of OPE-L have to say about it.  I feel a special
responsibility now that I discovered that the wikipedia at


has a link to the home page for my collection.  Please give
my your frank feedback to my efforts to understand Marx


By the way, regarding the ongoing discussion about a web
page, if someone wanted to do the work I would gladly offer
a Debian Linux web server to host any web page you may want
to build.  I have three Debian Linux boxes in my office,
which I have full control over, and which have an
excellent connection to the internet.

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