[OPE-L] what next?

From: Gerald_A_Levy@msn.com
Date: Mon Jan 31 2005 - 14:47:24 EST

To all:

It's been a relatively slow month on the list. The
positive side of that is that it should have given 
most everyone an opportunity to catch-up on the

Let's review where we're at:

o  There were a couple of threads from last year 
       that there is reason to believe will be re-kindled.
       They include:

       *  "recent references on 'problem' of commodity
           money".  You might recall that this thread
           was interrupted because of temporary time
           and work constraints (see Fred's post on 
           12/5).  We can return to that thread, when/if
           any of the participants pick-up the ball by
           writing a post.  Volunteers?        

       *  "the working class and the informal sector"
           will, hopefully, be returned to.  I sent the last 
           post in that dialogue from last year on 12/14.
           Michael L and I would both like to return to
           that thread as we both think it is a very 
           important one but Michael has been very busy
           lately with political work and travel and we
           both want the discussion to involve more list
           members and be less of a dialogue between
           the two of us.  Are there others who would like
           to participate in that discussion?

o   The threads that were initiated this month (e.g. "capital
         in general as a real existence") look like they have 
         run their course unless someone has something new
         to add or has a follow-up related question or issue to
         raise  (Hanno?).

So there you have it.  While we can, and hopefully will, return 
to the "interrupted"  threads, now would be an excellent time 
to raise *new*  topics for discussion.  *What  topics would you 
like to discuss next?*

In solidarity, Jerry

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