Re: [OPE-L] commensurability of value

From: Andrew Brown (A.Brown@LUBS.LEEDS.AC.UK)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2005 - 13:22:59 EST

Thanks for the question, Jerry,
The answer is that the same laws apply, e.g. surplus labour quantitatively tethers its own form of appearance (money form of surplus value), whereever and whenever you look at capitalism.
Many thanks,

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	> The reason is that without value there is no commensurability of
	> different capitalist systems across space or through time, making
	> general laws, so general science, impossible.
	How _exactly_ *with a concept of value* is there commensurability
	across space and time?   How e.g. is value created in Germany in 1860
	made commensurable with value created in Japan in the 1990's?
	In solidarity, Jerry
	PS: >  In everyday life
	> we all believe value exists - e.g. we don't stare bemused when we are
	> told the GDP growth of a nation - but the Sraffian argument purports to
	> refute this existence.
	I'll put this to the test:  next time I see Gary I'll mention US GDP and
	see if he blankly stares off into space.

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