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Date: Tue Jan 25 2005 - 08:54:47 EST

This is monstrous. Does someone have additional details, or perhaps  contacts
with Bello or those close to him, to see how we can help?


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Sociologist Walden Bello, one of  the most prominent radical voices in  the
global justice movement, has  been been placed on an assassination  list by
the Communist Party of  the Philippines.
A  Statement of Concern about a Hit-list including Walden Bello and   other

Out of deference to the more than 160,000 victims of  the tsunami
tragedy that engulfed South Asia o­n December 26, 2004, we  in Focus
o­n the  Global South (Focus) have refrained until now  from pointing
to an alarming development bearing o­n the security and  well being
of our Executive Director, Walden Bello.

Focus is not in  the habit of calling attention to the status of its
staff. This time,  however, things are different. In the December 2004
issue  of  AngBayan, the principal organ of the Communist Party of  the
Philippines  (CPP), Walden was singled out as a  "counterrevolutionary."
His name was listed alongside fourteen other names  of individuals who
are either living  or dead. Two of the people  in
the "counterrevolutionaries" list, Arturo Tabara  and Filemon  Lagman,
have already been assassinated, the former just three   months
ago. Another o­ne, Ricardo Reyes, is being hunted down by  operatives
of the Communist Party and New People's Army (NPA) and has  been
forced to go  into hiding.

For people familiar with the  history and practices of the Communist
Party of the Philippines and its  paramilitary wing, the New People's
Army, the message of the  counterrevolutionaries' list to Walden and the
others  is  unmistakable: You're beyond the pale. You're a "class enemy"
to be  eliminated, the o­nly questions remaining being when and where  the
party will carry out the execution.

Dr  Alfredo Saad Filho
Senior Lecturer in Political Economy of  Development
Department of Development Studies
SOAS, University of  London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG
United  Kingdom

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