[OPE-L] capital in general as a real existence

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 Hello Hanno,

 I agree with Michale L regarding. the real existence of capital-in-general.

 You also mentioned:

         Helpful might be the following: As far as I can see, as well in the
philosophy of mind as in recent sociological systems theory (more popular
over here!), one would possibly mark the logical structure of these Marxian
phrasings as ‘emergent’. While one could regard the commodities or the
single capitals as elements, money and capital in general would possibly be
interpreted as categories on the systems-level or the whole.

         Any hints about this?

 My grasp of the general notion of 'emergence' is that it does not entail
the peculiarity that a general notion gains independent existence. To be
sure 'mind' in some sense is emergent from 'neurons', but this does not,
according to the notion of emergence I am familar with, entail that a
general notion, say 'neuron-in-general', has become an independent reality.
The notion of 'emergence', as I employ it, may be necessary but not
sufficient to capture the logical structure to which you refer. I'd be very
interested to read more about your views on this.

 Many thanks,


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