Re: [OPE-L] Remembering Bob Heilbroner

From: Francisco Paulo Cipolla (cipolla@UFPR.BR)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2005 - 16:06:13 EST

When I look back at any opportunity I had I always have the feeling that "I
should have studied more". But boy, was the New School important in my life!
I guess I never misss the past because I manage never to be totally in the
present. Uau! that is quite some public therapy.
In any case Jerry, we were together  at some course at the New School and you
used to talk up a storm. It remains to be found the name of the course.

Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM wrote:

> > When did exactly you take Heilbronerīs HET?
> Paolo:
> Fall, 1976 and Spring, 1977.  I took some other classes that
> might be described as HET, e.g. a seminar with Ed Nell mostly
> on the English maginalists including Wicksteed and Marshall,
> but not any more with Bob. (That seminar was itself memorable.
> Ron Blackwell, Pat Clausen, Jaspal -- can't remember his last
> name -- and some others [maybe even Martha?] attended.  About
> 5  students brought along German editions of _Capital_ to  each
> class and if anyone mentioned Marx, they would take _Capital_
> out of their briefcases and look for the original passages in
> German!)
> > I think it was in 1981 for I
> > remember your very participative presence in some oval table where
> > questions were discussed, I think, under his presence.
> I'm not sure what that could have been but it wasn't one of his
> courses.   We did have one-night-only talks sponsored by the
> Economics Society during that period  so it could have been one
> of those.  Or, perhaps, a meeting that was a presentation by a
> candidate for a faculty position.  The only seminars I recall taking
> circa 1981-2 were taught by Paolo Giussani,  Bob Brenner, and
> Willi Semmler.
> I don't suppose you recall what I said?
> > That year, as was probably his custom, Heilbroner distributed a handout
> > explaining what one should avoid while writing a paper. That handout
> > encouraged a direct writing, without dubious or inappropriately
> exclamative
> > sentences. It made an impression on me for some of the things I was not
> > supposed to do were indeed part of my habit.
> Yes, I recall some hand-out like that as well.  He had high
> expectations for students but was always fair.
> Do you miss those days?
> In solidarity, Jerry

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