[OPE-L] The Economic Ascent of China

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Mon Jan 17 2005 - 10:21:05 EST

 The _Journal of World Systems Research_ has just put its fall issue
 online: http://jwsr.ucr.edu/archive/vol10/number3

The issue contains an article by Paul S. Ciccantell and Stephen G.
Bunker on "The Economic Ascent of China and the Potential for
Restructuring the Capitalist World-Economy":
(Note that there is also an abstract for the article)

Do others on the list agree with the thesis of the article?  Ciccantell
and Bunker emphasize the role of raw materials and transport
industries as "generative sectors" which historically have allowed
some nations to ascend to core status and challenge the existing
hegemon.  The authors claim that China is pursuing "the Japanese
model of coastal greenfield heavy industrialization as state policies
focus on deepening industrialization in steel, shipbuilding, and other
heavy industries."   What are the long-term political, military,
ecological, and economic implications of the economic ascent of
China as a world capitalist power?

In solidarity, Jerry

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