[OPE-L] SOAS Working Papers by Costas Lapavitsas and others

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Sun Jan 16 2005 - 10:57:43 EST

At the following site, you can obtain working papers (in pdf format) 
and abstracts of those papers published by the Department of 
Economics, SOAS:


Papers by Costas:

(145) "Social Origins of Ottoman Industrialization: Evidence from the 
             Macedonian Town of Naoussa"
                        (an unusual topic for Costas ....)
(130) "Money as 'Universal Equivalent' and its origin in Commodity Exchange"
(128) "Banks and the Design of the Financial System: Underpinnings in 
              Steuart, Smith and Hilferding"
(127) "Commodity Versus Gift as Metaphor for Market versus Non-Market 
(126) "The Emergence of Money in Commodity Exchange, or Money as 
             Monopolist of the Ability to Buy"
(77)   "Central Bank Independence: a critical perspective"
(76)   "State and Finance in Economic Development: Some Analytical 
             Issues Relevant to the East Asian Miracle"
(75)   "Social Exclusion and Japanese Capitalism: the case of white-collar 

and (117), (115), (85), (71), (70), and (66) by John Weeks. Weeks is a 
co-author also of (118), (100) and (99).

and (93), (92), (91) and (80) by Ben Fine.

and other papers ....

In solidarity, Jerry

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