[OPE-L] is "capitalist development responsible for the human disaster of the Tsunami"?

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Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 17:42:26 EST

Part of a (very long) post to aut-op-sy.  Note link to Luxemburg's
"op ed" piece on the  Mt. Pelee eruption in 1902.  Is capitalism
responsible for the loss of life then (1902) and now due to the

In solidarity, Jerry

> Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 19:04:46 +0200
> From: "eugene plawiuk" <eugene@union.org.za>
> Subject: TSUNAMI: Bordiga and  Rosa Luxemburg on Imperialist

> As we said in our critique of the Kyoto accord;
> Media Release: December, 2002
> http://edmonton.iww.ca/press.html
> this current crisis of the Tsunami and the wide spread
> destruction it created is a result of the rapid
> industrialization of the pacific region such as the
> destruction of traditional village life for industrial
> fishing, palm oil production and of course the creation of
> Nike factories inland.
> Not only is capitalist development responsible for the
> human disaster of the Tsunami, the impact of large scale
> fishing off the costal waters, tourist villas on the
> shores, but it also cannot respond to this crisis. It is
> offering credit card support. Actual mobilization of ships,
> planes, supplies, material and humans with a plan of
> reconstruction is not being done. China has mobilized
> little in the way of actual material support though it is
> closer to the situation then the U.S.
> Its military is not being mobilized for humanitarian
> purposes. It remains at home supporting the capitalist
> development of the new regime.
> Capitalism is not responding instead it is asking
> charities, the state and individuals to donate. Where are
> the billion dollar corporations especially those relying on
> outsourcing of work such as Nike and their donations?
> Capitalism has no plan to deal with such a disaster, and it
> clearly shows that we cannot expect the technology or the
> power of capital to respond to a bigger disaster such as
> global warming in any better manner.
> Once again the agenda is socialism or barbarism. Socialism
> being worker and community councils in control of the
> planning for social need.
> See the
> article by Bordiga on this crisis of
> capitalism that I have linked below as well as Rosa's piece
> on the eruption of Mt. Pelee.
> For Workers Power!
> eugene plawiuk
> The Filling and Bursting of Bourgeois Civilisation
> A. Bordiga
> http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/3909/bordiga6.html
> > Luxemburg's "Op-Ed" piece on the Mt. Pelée eruption in
> > 1902
> http://www.marxists.org/archive/luxemburg/1902/05/15.htm
> > put it in perspective over a century ago
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