Re: [OPE-L] The Rosa Luxemburg and the Critique of Political Economy Conference

From: Riccardo Bellofiore (riccardo.bellofiore@UNIBG.IT)
Date: Wed Jan 05 2005 - 06:51:42 EST

To Paul B.: no the papers are not on line. They arrived too late, and
a lot of them are incomplete (including mine). I will put together a
book from them (thoroughly revised), to be published in 2006. If
somebody is interested to my paper, I can send it as attachment. The
other papers available from authors (who can decide if to send them
in its present version) are: Zarembka, Kowalik, Halevi, Trigg,
Toporowski, He Ping, Veneziani, Panaccione, Mattick jr, Panaccione.

To Jerry: you were right about the wine.

To Rakesh: I do not understand very much what you mean about the
sparks. What is for sure is that what made interesting the conference
were not merely the papers, but the discussions around them. The
points of view were disparate, but the debate was always very
instructive - I have learnt a lot also from positions with which I
disagree a lot. Dissent was always respectful of the other. So, this
is a case in which the atmosphere could have been caught being there
- and told being much more fluent in English than I am. An
interesting part of the conference was in Italian, the two
round-tables, when for once the hall was not made by the participants
plus a couple of persons more but of almost a 100 people. I hope that
the participants understood the discussion, with a simultaneous
translation in English which I doubt was actually good. The aim was
to take Luxemburg seriously, and I hope we succeeded in doing that.


At 20:38 +0000 2-01-2005, Paul Bullock wrote:
>will the papers be online?
>Paul B.
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>>  > I am wondering whether sparks flew at the Luxemburg
>>  > conference,
>>  Rakesh,
>>  This comment puzzled me.  Knowing many of the participants,
>>  it would surprise me if  "sparks flew" (maybe, "wine flowed" but
>>  that's another matter).   Then, it came to me: the "sparks flew"
>>  comment was a play on words of the title of the conference:
>>  A better and more accurate play on words, I suspect, might have been:
>>  "Like a candle burning at both ends, the 'Rosa Luxemburg and the
>  > critique of political economy' conference ended all too quickly."
>  >
>  > In solidarity, Jerry
>  >


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