[OPE-L] Maksakovsky, _The Capitalist Cycle_

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Tue Jan 04 2005 - 08:53:42 EST

Pavel V. Maksakovsky: The Capitalist Cycle

From website:
"Originally published in 1928, this rediscovered work is one
of the most creative essays written by a Soviet economist
during the first two decades after the Russian Revolution.
Following the dialectic of Hegel and Marx, Maksakovsky aims
to provide a 'concluding chapter' for Marx's _Capital_."

Translated for the first time into English.  Includes an
introductory essay by Richard B. Day (who wrote the
excellent work _The 'Crisis' and the 'Crash'_).  Part of
the Historical Materialism Book Series by Brill (Chis A's
_The New Dialectic and Marxis Capital_ is also part of
this series).  Visit Brill Academic Publishers on the web
for more information:  www.brill.nl <http://www.brill.nl>

How does Maksakovsky conclude _Capital_?  Is the presumption
that that the subject of the cycle represents the concluding
topic in _Capital_?

In solidarity, Jerry

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