[OPE-L] Historical Materialism and the Capitalist State

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Sat Jan 01 2005 - 07:44:38 EST


Ernest Mandel's "Historical Materialism and the Capitalist State",
1980,  has been translated by Jurriaan and is now available for
the *first time in English* at the MIA (Marxists Internet Archive).

"Every attempt to deduce the character and essence of the capitalist
state directly from the categories of Marx's _Capital_ -- whether
from 'capital in general', from the exchange and commercial relations
at the surface of bourgeois society, or from the conditions of the
valorization of capital -- overlooks that this state, as an institution
separated from society and transformed into an autonomous apparatus,
was not created by the bourgeoisie itself."

In solidarity, Jerry

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