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Date: Wed Dec 29 2004 - 19:00:02 EST

I received the full review as an attachment, but I am not re-sending it
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sanity, humanity and science 
post-autistic economics review
Issue no. 29, 6 December 2004                        back issues at www.paecon.net
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In this issue: 

         - Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra
                  When social physics becomes a social problem:
                  economics, ethics and the new order

         - Mehrdad Vahabi
                  The Political Economy of Destructive Power

          Symposium on Reorienting Economics (Part II)
              Dialogue on the reform of economics with Tony Lawson’s Reorienting Economics as focal point

                   - Bernard Guerrien
                           Irrelevance and Ideology 

                   - Jack Vromen
                           Conjectural Revisionary Ontology

                   - Andrew Sayer
                           Feminism, critical realism and economics:
                           a response to Van Staveren


New Books

A Guide to What’s Wrong with Economics, edited by Edward Fullbrook. 
Contributors: Emmanuelle Bénicourt, Michael A. Bernstein, Ana Maria Binachi, Ha-Joon
Chang, Robert Costanza, Herman E. Daly, James G. Devine, Peter Earl, Susan Feiner, 
Edward Fullbrook, Jean Gadrey, Donald Gillies, Bernard Guerrien, Ozgur Gun, Joseph 
Halevi, Geoffrey Hodgson, Grazia Ietto-Gillies, Steve Keen, Tony Lawson, Anne Mayhew, 
Paul Ormerod, Renato Di Ruzza, Sashi Sivramkrishna, Peter Söderbaum, Hugh Stretton, 
Charles L Wilber, Richard Wolff, Stephen T. Ziliak.  
London: Anthem Press, November 2004, paperback, 323 pages.

Geoffrey M. Hodgson, The Evolution of Institutional Economics, London, Routledge, 2004, 
paperback, paper and cloth, 560 pages.

Neva Goodwin, Julie Nelson, Frank Ackerman, Thomas Weisskopf, Microeconomics in 
Context. Houghton-Mifflin, September 2004, paperback.

Drucilla K. Barker and Susan F. Feiner, Liberating Economics: Feminist Perspectives 
on Families, Work, Globalization. Universtiy of Michigan Press, 2004, paper and cloth, 
208 pages.

Mehrdad Vahabi, The Political Economy of Destructive Power. Edward Elgar, 2004.

Peter E. Earl and Tim Wakely, Business Economics: A Contemporary Approach. 

Transforming Economics: Perspectives on the Critical Realist Project. 
Edited by P.A. Lewis. London and New York, Routledge, 2004. Pp. xiv + 311.

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