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Date: Wed Dec 29 2004 - 09:15:23 EST

Aha!  What could this mysterious "new critical" macro proposal be??

I call it the "Dobb Effect," linking Maurice Dobb's 1929 article, "A Skeptical View of the Theory of Wages," to macro policy issues (which he did not do).  Macro policy moves a) influence the *balance of class forces* (a term that does *not* appear in the paper!); and b) flatten out the AS curve (even in the presence of full price flexibility and rational expectations).

Stay tuned. . .


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Date: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 7:00 pm
Subject: Re: [OPE-L] 2005 EEA Preliminary Program

> An inadvertent omission:  David L will also be there.  He is
> chairing, presenting a paper ("Broadening the Theory of Aggregate
> Supply:  A 'New Critical' Proposal") and a discussant in
> "New Approaches to Macroeconomics" [118]. I can't say as I
> know what the 'new critical' proposal is....  Ingrid Rima's paper
> in that session, "Explaining the Decline of the Great American
> Job Machine", is noteworthy as well.
> Did I miss anyone else on the list?  If so, please call our
> attention
> to it.
> In solidarity, Jerry
> The preliminary program for the 2005 meetings of the Eastern
> Economics Association to be held during March in New York City:
> A number of listmembers are participating: Gary in a session on
> "Classical Analysis of Capital Theory and Trade" and Steve C and
> Antonio in a session on "Interrogating the 'New Pluralism' in
> Economics: Views from Left Field" (chaired by Susan Feiner).
> Former members Duncan Foley and Philippe van Parijs are
> presenting papers (Philippe has the honor of being one of the
> closing speakers).
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